Kennel Afghan Hound & Italian Greyhound

                                       Pearls off Diamonds


Dear people a word about us.

Pearls off Diamonds was born out of love for greyhounds, specifically the Afghan hound and Italian greyhound. 35 years ago, Chantal started her grooming salon and on her first card of the business was a picture of an Afghan hound's head, even then her great love. She has always believed in her first great love.

In 2012 we bought our first greyhound puppy, a resque from Sevillia, but the Greyhound, a super character and the love for the greyhound only grew stronger.

Then in 2014, Chantal bought her first Italian greyhound from a breeder in Belgium, but never with the intention for showing or breeding.

In 2015 I then had contacts with a few breeders of Afghan hounds, one from Belgium and one from Spain, but Chantal's birthday was in April and the first Afghan hound I could buy wasn't born until June, so I didn't have a present for her and had to come up with something, and I told her to wait a while. Then on 3 June I got a call from the Belgian breeder that he was born, and here was her first present, Oberon Y-Shirvan and in July I got a call from the Spanish breeder and there was the second Afghan hound, Golddragon In A Million Years. So it was worth taking a moment to come up with something and make Chantal happy with this. So we had our first dog and bitch and they did well at the shows and that's where it all started.

Many years later, we have met many people at home and abroad who have become good friends, and we hope to welcome many more to the Pearls off Diamonds family.

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