Kennel Afghan Hound & Italian Greyhound

                                       Pearls off Diamonds

Just a word about us. Pearls Off Diamonds arose from the love for the greyhound, more specifically the Afghan Hound & the Italian Greyhound. Many years ago Chantal started her grooming salon and on the first card was the image of an Afghan hound, but because she was still living at her home and it was difficult to combine, she was waiting for her first great love. In 2012 we finally found our first big treasure, a Greyhound resque from Seville. In 2014 we bought the first Italian Greyhound but still not with the intention of doing show or breeding with it. In 2015 I had contact with a few breeders of Afghan hounds and so in April on her birthday I had no gift, because it was waiting until June for her gift, and there he was Oberon Y-Shirvan from a well-known Belgian breeder and a month later the first female of a well-known Spanish breeder. Then we went to do our first show through friends and now five years later still busy and had several litters. This is how Pearls Off Diamonds was created.

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